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FAQ’s  -  Frequently Asked Questions


*  What is a Wholesale Auto Auction ?


Good question.  A wholesale auto auction is exactly what is sounds like.  The key factor to understand, is that wholesale auctions are open ONLY to licensed automobile dealers.  Members of the general public, that is anyone who does not hold a license to sell motor vehicles, are not allowed entry.  This rule prohibiting entry into the wholesale auto auctions is not a law, but a business rule imposed by the private companies that operate the wholesales auto auctions.  This rule is a benefit for the automobile dealers as an industry.


So, how does this help you ?  The alternative to buying a car from North Florida Motosports, LLC is to buy a car from either a private citizen, or another licensed automobile dealer, or possibly from an un-licensed automobile dealer.


Buying from a private citizen has it’s drawbacks.  Namely, private citizens are always selling their cars a full retail prices.  Wouldn’t you sell your car at full retail when you decide to sell it ?


Buying a car from another licensed dealer is different from North Florida Motosports, LLC in that other licensed dealers are also going to sell their cars at full retail prices.  You can only even come close to getting a great deal from a licensed automobile dealer if you come to North Florida Motosports, LLC.


Buying a car from an unlicensed dealer is a recipe for disaster for the consumer.  North Florida Motosports, LLC not only recommend against this, but requests that you notify us of any information you may have regarding persons operating as a automobile dealer without a license.



   Why can’t I just go to the Wholesale Auto Auction and buy my own car ?


You can, you just first need to obtain a State issued Motor vehicle dealers license.  Not really a worthwhile venture if you just want to buy one car or truck at a great price.  However, you can still get that great price from North Florida Motosports, LLC.



What kind of fees and costs do license dealers have to maintain to be considered licensed ?


Administrative licensing fees, bond fees, insurance fees, accounting fees, legal fees, corporate fees, banking fees, banking licensing fees, property lease fees, utility fees, transportations fees, professional association fees, mandated training fees, auction buy fees, as well as supplies, forms and operating equipment purchases.



   I want to be a licensed auto dealer, what do I do ?


Contact the DHSMV and request an application.  North Florida Motosports, LLC suggests you consult with your attorney before embarking on any business adventure.


   Is this really a good deal through North Florida Motosports, LLC ?


It doesn’t get any better than this.  Like we have said, if you find a better deal, let us know.  You will want to tell your friends, and you’ll be back to purchase your next car from North Florida Motosports, LLC.


 What do I do if I have to sell my car before I get another used car ?


If your current financial situation mandates that you sell your present car before you get another car, North Florida Motosports, LLC will assist you with keeping the down time between cars to a minimum.  We will also take your car on trade-in, affording you an opportunity to capture the sales tax savings on the trade-in value of your car.  While we currently don’t rent cars, we can assist you with the process of placing advertisements in different forums in your area, as well as some resources in obtaining future financing for your next car purchase. 



   Does North Florida Motosports, LLC finance cars they sell  ?


YES.  Yes, we finance cars we sell.  We call it Buy–Here–Pay–Here.   On our eligible vehicle purchases, we offer competitive finance terms with ANY bank or credit union.   Complete the attached Finance Application and send it to us via email or facsimile, and we will respond quicker than the bank with your loan approval.   Like we have said, if you find a better deal, let us know. 


Download “Finance Application” .



*  What is BUY-HERE-PAY-HERE ?



Here is some basic information for you to read and digest about financing your car purchase from a car dealer.  We hope it helps point you in the right direction.  It is our belief you will not get this information from anyone in the automotive industry.  





In-House financing, that is, where you finance the car from the dealer who sells it to you, is called Buy Here Pay Here – BHPH.  


BHPH financing is a high risk loan agreement for the lender, in this scenario, the dealer is the lender.


Dealers who offer BHPH financing jack the price of the car to way beyond full retail to offset the high risk of the BHPH finance profile.  Plus, they charge a typical dealer fee of $699 and a Finance Fee of $399, not to mention they mandate the purchase of an extended warranty contract, which typically ranges from $800 to $2,100.  Sure, they add those extra costs to the loan amount so the down payment and monthly payment amount remain the same.   What changes is the number of months in the term of the loan agreement.  Of course, most BHPH customers forget to even consider the number of months in the loan term.   On top of that, they will try to sell GAP insurance, disability insurance, and a whole host of extra menu selling items. 


BHPH dealers also charge and industry average of 24% to 28% APR Interest Rate.  Florida law caps the interest rate at 29% percent APR.,  Most finance agreements from BHPH dealers have a pre-payment penalty clause, so that if you decide to pay off the loan early you will incur an additional penalty to pay.  Remember, the BHPH dealer is trying to earn the steep interest from the finance agreement.  Additionally, the BHPH dealer will often sell the finance agreement within 60 days of the car purchase, so the higher the dollar amount of the finance agreement, the more the finance agreement can be sold for.   


BHPH dealers do not advertise cars at a wholesale prices.  In fact, most BHPH dealers do not even advertise their asking price, so, when they discover the buyer is willing to sign a BHPH finance agreement, they jack the purchase price up even higher.  Yes, there are laws prohibiting this, but talk with your attorney about the reality of bringing an civil action against a BHPH dealer for this, as it is an uphill legal challenge.


Many BHPH dealers actually plan their sale and finance agreements on a future default.  This means they can repossess your car and resell it again, and again, and again.  I call this a predatory lending practice, but hey, it’s just my opinion.   You have probably seen this same scenario play out in the national media with respect to home loans in the past 24 months.  Why do you think our home loan mortgage industry is so upside down right now ?


Your best bet is to find a BHPH dealer with reasonable terms and conditions, who will help you not only purchase and finance your vehicle, but help you get the loan satisfied and come back in a better financial position in the future.  Who is going to do this ?  North Florida Motosports, LLC will help you.




FINANCE TERMS AT North Florida Motosports, LLC:


That being said, here is what we offer at North Florida Motosports, LLC.,  We believe you will not find these terms anywhere in the BHPH market place.  We also believe you will not find any other BHPH dealer to tell you this inside information on how the BHPH industry really works.


First, the Interest Rate at North Florida Motosports, LLC is 12% APR.  This rate is lower than any credit union or commercial bank on the purchase of comparable year model unit which fits the BHPH profile. 


North Florida Motosports, LLC has NO dealer fees, NO finance fees, NO junk fees, and NO other fees whatsoever.   We offer simple interest finance contracts with NO prepayment penalties.  The price of the car is the same, cash or credit.   Typically, we require a 50% down payment along the completion of a Finance Agreement.  The finance agreement primarily documents your source of income that shows you are be able to pay for the monthly loan that you agree to pay.   We do not want you entering into a finance agreement that is over your head that we both know you can not keep and maintain.


Our finance and purchase terms are by design reasonable, and ensure that we do not engage in predatory lending practices.  Our finance agreements show a very, very low to non-existent default rate.  We do not want to repossess your car.  We do not want to re-sell your car.  We truly hope you can succeed with a purchase and finance repayment schedule, pay it off early, and find yourself coming back next year in a better financial situation to ask us to help you find a brand new car to purchase.


 Let us know if you this information is useful.  Again, we believe you will not find this information from other BHPH dealers.  It’s kind of the information the industry does not want you to know.


Where did you hear it first ?   You heard it at North Florida Motosports, LLC. 


Complete the attached Finance Application and email or fax it back to us.  We look forward to meeting you soon.


Download “Finance Application” here.




    Do I really have to pay tax on my new car purchase ?


This one is the question that always surprises us at North Florida Motosports, LLC.  As licensed automobile dealers, we are also registered tax collectors with the (FDOR) Florida Department of Revenue.  Yes, you will have to pay state sales tax to the State of Florida when you buy a car AND take delivery of the vehicle within the State of Florida.


However, there are exceptions to this law.  If you qualify for one of these exceptions, then as licensed tax collectors for the FDOR, North Florida Motosports, LLC will not have to collect sale tax when you purchase your car.  Here is a list of some of the examples in which you do not have to pay tax to North Florida Motosports, LLC when you purchase your car:


§   You provide a current “Florida Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax.”

§   You purchase your vehicle as a tax exempt entity, such as a registered religious institution, a government agency, or a list of other types of tax exempt entities that qualify under the law

§   You take delivery of your vehicle purchase OUTSIDE of the State of Florida.   We can ship the car to you or meet you over the state line.  But you must take delivery OUTSIDE of the State of Florida to be lawfully exempt from paying sales tax to the State of Florida Department of Revenue

§   You sign an affidavit attesting that you will register your automobile purchase within (45) forty fives days of purchase in a State that has no requirement for sales tax on automobile purchases.  For example: The state of North Carolina has imposed no sales tax requirement on the purchase of automobiles.



Complete information can be obtained from FDOR.



   So, how does North Florida Motosports, LLC really do it ?


This, is simply based upon our business structure that minimizes overhead while maximizing efficiency.  We avoid the traditional unscrupulous sales tactics and provide you the information straight and unadulterated.





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